• Stoma Care Competency Frameworks
    ASCN UK have complied and are happy to share with you the following competency Framework, these are in an format that can be downloaded and/or completed online. Stoma Care Competency Framework Band 2 Stoma Care Stoma Care Competency Framework Band 4 Stoma Care Stoma Care Competency Framework Band 6 Stoma Care Stoma Care Competency Framework Band Read more
  • BJN Stoma Care Nurse of the Year – Accepting Nominations
    The formation of a stoma can be a distressing and painful experience for a patient. The stoma care nurse plays a vital role in ensuring they are well informed and after care is managed appropriately. The BJN Stoma Care Nurse of the Year award champions these nurses and the excellent work they are doing in looking after these patients. For this Read more
  • Condolences
    We would like to share ASCN UK’s condolences at the sad news of the passing of Jean Preston on Friday 17th May 2019. Jean Preston (RGN, SCN,Bsc Hons), was an eminent Stoma Care Nurse who dedicated her professional career to the care of patients with a stoma.  Jean worked for nearly 30 years within the Northumbria NHS Trust running both the Stoma Read more


We are a new national organisation in the UK, founded 2013. We remain a charitable trust (initially established in 1995) and regulated by the Charities Commission. Charity Number: 1043897. This new organisation replaces World Council of Enterostomal Therapists UK (WCET UK); however we will continue to Work in collaboration with our international association – World Council of Enterostomal Therapists (WCET) We have an elected committee and trustees.


- Helping the development of stoma care nursing practice
- Encourage the development of evidence based stoma care nursing
- Encourage collaboration amongst stoma care nurse specialists nationally

The new professional organisation offers the opportunity for stoma care nurses to become members and will provide an expert clinical resource for both new and experienced stoma specialist nurses.
The relaunch will enable recognition by employers, Trusts, patient organisations and individuals with a stoma.

ASCN UK supports its members by:

– Sharing expert clinical practice, (both nationally and internationally)
– Promoting educational and research opportunities.
– Developing and advancing the specialist knowledge required to deliver expert health care to individuals with a stoma

We will continue to hold annual national conferences. Please click here for further information on how to submit an abstract and to register.

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