2018 Award Winners

ASCN UK 2018 Overall Presentation Winner
Andrew Bird, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
O-1 Talking about sexuality – The Silent Scream. A Personal Journey to Comfortably Discussing the Unmentionable

ASCN UK 2018 Overall Presentation Highly Commended
Liz Davis, Hollister UK
O – 27 Nephrostomies and their managment in the community

ASCN UK 2018 Poster Winner
Kevin Hayles & Carolyn Swash – Hollister Limited
P-17 Enhancing relationships – Your Sexual Self. Developing an Easy to Navigate Patient Information Booklet

ASCN UK 2018 Highly Commended Poster
Sarah Duke-Burns, Hollister Limited
P-39 Community Stoma Care – Better Early, Than Late, Than Never

Winner of New Presenters Award 2018 (Supported by Coloplast)
Rebecca Fossett, Royal Wolverhampton Hospital Trust
0 – 11 Can the Stoma Care nurse (SCN) rise to the challenges faced by people with dementia and a stoma

Winner of Stoma Care Nurse of the Year Award 2018 (Supported by SALTS)
Simon Turley, Oxford University Hospital