We would like to share ASCN UK’s condolences at the sad news of the passing of Jean Preston on Friday 17th May 2019.

Jean Preston (RGN, SCN,Bsc Hons), was an eminent Stoma Care Nurse who dedicated her professional career to the care of patients with a stoma.  Jean worked for nearly 30 years within the Northumbria NHS Trust running both the Stoma Care and Breast Care Service.

Having initially set up and ran stoma care and breast care study days, she then developed and ran a specialist ENB 980 stoma care short course for 6 years. Jean undertook an active role in WCET UK, as treasurer for 5 years and then WCET UK Chairperson and UK International Delegate from 1997-2001. During this time, she created the quarterly WCET UK newsletter and introduced and developed the stoma care conference.

As a Founder member of ECET (European Council of Enteral Therapists) from 2003, she held the Vice President post until 2007 and then Education Officer 2007-2013 and was one of the key individuals behind its inaugural conference.

Jean believed that ‘education is a continuous cycle that should be shared and utilized by the nurse specialist’ and that ‘knowledge is the vehicle that can empower those providing care’.

With this ethos in mind in 2010 ASCN UK set up the Jean Preston Fund with the unique purpose of offering financial support for its members for any stoma care specialist professional educational.  The Jean Preston fund enables any full member of ASCN to apply for an Education Grant which can be used towards developing their personal knowledge or service to patients with a stoma.

Jean was described by her colleagues as having a quiet disposition, but she was a determined individual and was depicted as having the “ability to get things done without being forceful. She was passionate about the development and progression of stoma care services to patients, as well as the recognition of stoma care nursing expertise”.

Jean will forever be remembered by ASCN UK, may she rest in peace.

Advanced Stoma Care Module at University of East Anglia now open for applications!

The long awaited Level 7 online Advanced Stoma Care Module at the University of East Anglia is now open for applications!

The online course will commence in January 2019 and can be taken as a stand-alone option offering 40 credits. To apply or register your interest, please click here.

If you are already considering a postgraduate certificate in Advanced Professional Practice or a three-year Masters of Science in Advanced Professional Practice, we recommend taking the core module ‘Using Evidence to Lead and Enhance Practice’ alongside the Advanced Stoma Care module which will be available from September 2018. For more information click here and scroll down.

You can also see more details on the course in our recent module update here. If you have any questions, please email Gabby on

ASCN UK Advanced Stoma Care Module at the University of East Anglia

Advanced Stoma Care Module at the University of East Anglia

We are pleased to report fantastic progress with the development of the new online 40-credit level 7 module ‘Advanced Stoma Care’ with the University of East Anglia (UEA). The module, taken together with the core module ‘Using Evidence to Lead and Enhance Practice’ will enable students to step off the programme with a postgraduate certificate (PGCert) in Advanced Professional Practice, or to continue towards the 3-year MSc in Advanced Professional Practice. ‘Using Evidence to Lead and Enhance Practice’ will be available online in September 2018, providing an excellent foundation for ‘Advanced Stoma Care’, which aims to launch in January 2019.

The Advanced Stoma Care module is now fully mapped for content and module organiser, Dr Gabby Thorpe, is currently reviewing potential resources, exploring innovative ways to achieve the learning outcomes and, in liaison with ASCN, making contact with surgeons and nurses across the UK with an invitation to get involved. Next steps involve a lot of recording, both on-campus in the UEA film studio and with support from the UEA Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning, and off-campus, capturing professionals talking ‘in conversation’ with Gabby about their areas of expertise. This includes sharing tips for best practice as well as highlighting new developments, which are likely to become part of routine practice in the future. Keep an eye on the ASCN (UK) website for more information.

For those interested in undertaking the PGCert or stand-alone module, please email Gabby on to make enquires and, if you wish, to be placed on a mailing list, so you can be the first to know when applications are open. The cost for the whole PGCert is likely to be around £2500 or £1600 for the Advanced Stoma Care module alone, but exact costs are still to be confirmed.  ASCN UK is keen to support members financially to undertake the PGCert and we encourage you to apply for part or full funding via the Jean Preston Fund (click here for more info) well in advance to ensure the funds are in place.


For more information, please contact Dr Gabby Thorpe on

Cardiff-based nurses receive prestigious award for long service

Local nurses Pip Chandler and Lisa Leamon have been granted the Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI) Long Service Award for completing 21 years of continued service in community nursing.

The QNI is a registered UK charity tracing its origins back to 1887 following a grant of £70,000 by Queen Victoria from the Women’s Jubilee Fund. A Royal Charter in 1889 named it ‘Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Institute for Nurses’ and its objectives were to provide the ‘training, support, maintenance and supply’ of District Nurses for the sick poor, as well as establishing training homes and establishing branches.

Pip took on the role of stoma staff nurse at the Royal Devon and Exeter back in 1997 following a period in an oncology unit in Cumbria which brought her into contact with an ostomate. That early experience shaped her determination to provide individualised and holistic care to her patients.

Pip said, “I am extremely proud to have been recognised for my work and of the award.

“When I met my first ostomate, I was a little embarrassed that I didn’t know much about how to care for her. However, I quickly became sympathetic to the patient’s frustration over having to teach each new nurse that she saw how to care for her. I remember feeling strongly that she deserved better and made a commitment then to do what I could to help people living with a stoma and haven’t looked back since.

“How times have changed! We used to have to carry loose change so we could call our patients on public telephones. I also became quite good at reading Ordnance Survey maps in order to find my way around narrow and winding country lanes just to get to patients’ homes.”

Lisa became a specialist stoma nurse in the same year after spending time in the gynaecology ward caring for patients who went on to have stomas. The experience spurred her on to specialise in ostomy care. Despite the many changes within the NHS and in clinical services and equipment over the years, the needs of this group of patients has not altered and it is the need for a patient-centred approach to caring for these patients that has been professionally rewarding for Lisa.

Lisa said, “Twenty one years has flown by. I am extremely honoured to have been awarded the Queens Nursing Institute Long Service Award.

“I still remain as passionate and committed to my role in the community as I did when starting all those years ago.  I feel privileged to have been part of the journey of the people I have met in the community environment.”

Dr Crystal Oldman CBE, QNI Chief Executive said, “Congratulations to both Pip Chandler and Lisa Leamon for their commitment to community nursing and for reaching this great milestone in their careers. This Award from the QNI recognises their dedication and the care that they have both given to so many patients, families, carers and communities.”

Pip is now a Care Nurse Manager at Coloplast, a medical device manufacturer specialising in chronic care. She manages Coloplast Care community nurses covering Wales (including Cardiff and Vale) and she also oversees nursing teams in the West of England including Bath, Bristol, Weston and Worcester.

Lisa is presently a Coloplast Care Nurse working in partnership with Cardiff and Vale University Health Board where she cares for all patients discharged into the community following bladder or bowel surgery leading to a stoma formation. She supports patients along the clinical pathway which involves seeing them at home for the first six weeks post operatively, followed by regular appointments in GP stoma review clinics where she empowers her patients to self-manage their stomas.

For more information about the QNI, visit

More about the QNI Long Service Awards can be found here

Educational Funding for ASCN UK Annual Conference 2018

Educational Funding for ASCN UK Annual Conference 2018

–> Have you talked to your hospital about the new changes to educational funding for your continuous education?

–> Are you aware of the changes to your educational funding process?

–> Do you know who you should be talking to and what you should be talking about?

Click here to answer all your questions.

Funding for conference can be gained by the Jean Preston Fund!

ASCN UK Committee Contribution to the British Journal of Nursing (BJN)

ASCN UK Education Officer, Wendy Osborne and Chair, Maddie White have been contributing to the BJN’s Stoma Care Supplement in the development of research into parastomal hernias.

Using a risk assessment tool for parastomal hernia prevention by Wendy Osborne, Jacqui North and Julia Williams (BJN, March 2018)

The development of national guidelines for stoma care: parastomal hernia  by Wendy Osborne and Maddie White (BJN, September 2017)

The rise of the stoma care nurse by Maddie White (BJN Silver Anniversary Supplement, 2017)

Patient and healthcare professional perceptions of colostomy-related problems and their impact on quality of life following rectal cancer surgery by Elfeki et. al. on behalf of the Colostomy Impact Score study group (BJS Open, March 2018) which was written with contributions from ASCN UK members.


*As part of your ASCN UK membership, you are entitled to three free annual copies of the British Journal of Nursing Stoma Care Supplement. If you have not been receiving these, please contact