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ConvaTec - Rethinking recovery: Essential advice after stoma surgery

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Rest is not best. Could the advice to ‘rest up’ after stoma surgery do more harm than good? Both physically and mentally. And if ‘rest is not best’ then what do we say instead?

This  ConvaTec Live webinar will cover enhanced recovery, early mobilisation, walking, lifting and transitions and how to empower your patients with confidence to safely exercise in the early post operation period.

We’ll look at some of the research on deconditioning and muscle loss and offer ways in which to motivate and encourage patients to get moving safely.

Sarah Russell is a Clinical Exercise Specialist from the UK. She has a post-graduate degree in exercise science, is a clinical Pilates instructor and cancer rehabilitation specialist. She has a particular interest in working with people who have had ostomy surgery and is passionate about the role of exercise in the recovery journey.

She is the author of a pioneering book about bowel cancer and exercise ‘The Bowel Cancer Recovery Toolkit’ published in 2019, runs a Global online ‘ostomy’ rehabilitation service and has worked as a consultant to ConvaTec for over 6 years. She also works at Hospice in the Weald in Kent as part of the physiotherapy team.

Sarah has lived with an ostomy for over a decade and enjoys Pilates, swimming, weight training, cycling and running, having completed 34 marathons. She believes that an ostomy should never stop anyone living an active life

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