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21 May 2019 (Last updated: 5 Feb 2020 14:54)

We would like to share ASCN UK’s condolences at the sad news of the passing of Jean Preston on Friday 17th May 2019.

Jean Preston (RGN, SCN,Bsc Hons), was an eminent Stoma Care Nurse who dedicated her professional career to the care of patients with a stoma.  Jean worked for nearly 30 years within the Northumbria NHS Trust running both the Stoma Care and Breast Care Service.

Having initially set up and ran stoma care and breast care study days, she then developed and ran a specialist ENB 980 stoma care short course for 6 years. Jean undertook an active role in WCET UK, as treasurer for 5 years and then WCET UK Chairperson and UK International Delegate from 1997-2001. During this time, she created the quarterly WCET UK newsletter and introduced and developed the stoma care conference.

As a Founder member of ECET (European Council of Enteral Therapists) from 2003, she held the Vice President post until 2007 and then Education Officer 2007-2013 and was one of the key individuals behind its inaugural conference.

Jean believed that ‘education is a continuous cycle that should be shared and utilized by the nurse specialist’ and that ‘knowledge is the vehicle that can empower those providing care’.

With this ethos in mind in 2010 ASCN UK set up the Jean Preston Fund with the unique purpose of offering financial support for its members for any stoma care specialist professional educational.  The Jean Preston fund enables any full member of ASCN to apply for an Education Grant which can be used towards developing their personal knowledge or service to patients with a stoma.

Jean was described by her colleagues as having a quiet disposition, but she was a determined individual and was depicted as having the “ability to get things done without being forceful. She was passionate about the development and progression of stoma care services to patients, as well as the recognition of stoma care nursing expertise”.

Jean will forever be remembered by ASCN UK, may she rest in peace.