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We are delighted to inform you that at long last ASCN UK textbook, Stoma Care Specialist Nursing: A Guide for Clinical Practice has been published by Springer. This book written and produced by Specialist Stoma Care Nurses in the UK and will undoubtedly raise the profile of our specialism. By raising the professionalism and sharing the academic achievement which stoma care nurses are attaining, the art and creativity of stoma care will continue to flourish. 

As a member of ASCN UK, you will be entitled to 20% discount using “ASCNmember” code.

You can purchase a eBook and a softcover book here 

It is very much hoped that this text will be used as a valuable reference and source of information to support clinical practice for any health care practitioner caring for individuals within the specialist sphere of stoma care, whether you are a novice practitioner and new to stoma care, or an expert searching for clarification on a certain aspect of care. 

Many Specialist Stoma Care Nurses throughout the country have contributed by writing an individual chapter for this book. Maddie and I are sincerely grateful to each and every one of them and wish to express our huge thanks, as we are very aware of the commitment, dedication and hard work that was required to complete the individual chapters. As a professional association representing specialist stoma care we are delighted to have been able to include so many of the ASCN UK guidelines into various chapters to reflect and endorse the high standards of care we offer to our specialist group of patients.

The eBook files are accessible in e-pub format, readable on any device. If you need to cite the book, the DOI reference is: 10.1007/978-3-031-07799-9.